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During your stay in Parga, you can visit the archaeological, historical and cultural monuments of the area.

  • Parga's Castle: is built on the top of Parga’s cape,built for protection against the invaders with spectacular view
  • Anthousa’s Castle: fortress which was built during the Turkish rule by Ali Pasha to siege to Parga and is still maintained in good condition.
  • Ecclesiastical Museum: in the city center with a rich collection of religious relics
  • Old Monastery of Vlacherna: monastery with Ionian style with unknown year of establishment.
  • Ancient Nikopolis: The ancient city of Nicopolis, founded by Octavian, 31 BC where which preserves many elements of the city
  • Acheron springs: According to mythology there were the gates of Hades
  • ancient Oracle: located on the shores of Lake Acherousia and at this point was the entrance to the world of souls.
  • mouth of Acheron: suitable place for lovers of kayaking, canoeing, and nature (protection Natura 2000).
  • Zalongo's rock: there exists a monument for the heroines of Souli sacrificed in order not to be captived by the enemies